Join us January 21st at 1pm for Part 2 of our Basics of Tagged PDF webinars presented by Karen McCall.

Summary: In September 2020, we did a webinar that introduced you to the types of Tags in PDF documents and what they are used for. We didn’t have time to cover the Order or Content Panels and when to use them and equally mportant, what to use them for.

This webinar builds on the content of that webinar and guides you through some basic remediation techniques. This is still considered an introduction to tagged PDF.

Also in January:

Website Accessibility Compliance – Myths and Solutions presented by Karen McCall and Bruce Howell from The Carroll Center.

There are two myths that may be negatively affecting traffic to your website and keeping you from achieving accessibility compliance.

The first myth is that if you use HTML 5, your website is accessible to people with disabilities. Not true.

The second myth is that if you use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or EPUB, that these formats are accessible by default. Not true. Along with this myth is that if a PDF is tagged, it is accessible. Both not true.

How do you find out what parts of your website are not WCAG compliant?

This webinar brings together the Carroll Center and Open Access Technologies to give you tools, services and solutions to find out what is and what isn’t accessible on your website.

Join us for this free webinar to explore how the Carroll Center’s Accessibility Services team and Open Access Technologies’ DocMD product enables us to work together to provide a holistic solution to meet all of your website accessibility needs.

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We look forward to seeing you there!