Document Management Services

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Data Extraction

  • Turn Paper or Scanned PDF’s Into Usable Data to Import Into Your EMR System
  • Reduce the workload on your staff if they are still manually processing forms
  • Data from claims, EOBs and other forms are captured and converted for use in your EMR or Business System
  • Our process uses a mix of OCR and Human Validation for exceptional data quality and results
  • Our solution is scalable to meet your needs
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  • Secure File Sharing and Transfer Solutions for Business and Enterprise
  • Easy to manage and share large file structures inside and outside your organization
  • Enhance usability, decrease unauthorized file sharing and eliminate IT file-related issues
  • Access your files securely from anywhere
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Mirrored Server Solution

  • Share files and customize access permissions
  • Easily share files across multiple platforms
  • Centralize file access
  • Mounted lan folders
  • Versioning
  • Security
  • Back-up and disaster recovery
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Digital Mailroom Services

  • Transform hundreds of thousands of paper documents into useful digital information
  • Automated form classification and intelligent data capture solutions offer time and cost saving benefits
  • Benefits include reducing operating costs, reclaimed facility space, improved process efficiency & quality, increased security and greater visibility & control
  • Advanced capture
  • Increase productivity with automated document classification
  • Eliminates the need for separator sheets, manual presorting and time consuming data entry, therefore reducing resources needed for manual tasks and minimizing potential errors.

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