Your Accessible Document Platform

Take control of your documents

Your organization either generates lots of documents or has many older inaccessible documents.

You want your documents to be accessible and usable regardless of document type – electronic PDF, scanned PDF, Microsoft Office, or Paper.

You want a cloud-based, secure, cost-effective, and collaborative platform solution.

You want to be able to separate the remediation of the text vs the alt-texting of images – optionally allowing editorial control of the alt-texting to remain with the content author.

You want to have the flexibility of merging alt-text with remediated text on an ongoing basis.

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A screenshot of the EnableAccess accessible document platform in action

Transform and remediate a variety of leading document formats: PDF, Word, XML, MML, PPT, Excel, and EPUB.

The platform can also transform PDF to XML.

Advanced workflow, dash boards & reports

Meets latest accessibility standards