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The web has become a vital channel for most enterprises. This importance has brought increased scrutiny from regulators and senior management. This is a particular challenge when it comes to high volume dissemination of online PDF documents (e.g. statements, invoices)

There are a number of well enforced laws that mandate PDF accessibility online

Disability Laws/Standards that require PDF accessibility:

  • – W3C WCAG AA (Web Consortium guidelines)
  • – PDF/UA (ISO standard)
  • – Section 508 – US Federal ICT Procurement Law)
  • – Mandate 376 – EU Public Procurement of ICT Products and Services
  • – AODA (Ontario Accessibility Act)
  • – International Disability Discrimination Acts (DDAs) (EU, Australia, etc)

The current options available to companies to make their PDF documents accessible are

Convert the PDF into an alternative format such as HTML, losing the benefits of the PDF format
Use the accessibility features included in the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat or other 3rd party options to manually tag the PDF documents themselves accessible.

How is the Service Provided

The remediation service is delivered via the internet. We will take example documents from clients, perform compliance analysis against the WCAG 2 and PDF/UA standards, and re-mediate the files to meet those standards. Additionally, our QA team will analyze and re-mediate the publishing system templates that generate your organization’s source PDFs, to ensure ongoing and sustainable quality. Clients will able to submit similar PDF documents in bulk to the service, which will make them accessible and return them to the client.