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Basics of Accessible Form Design

This webinar examines the elements of an accessible form template created using Word that can then be saved as a tagged PDF. Once you have the tagged PDF, you can add the form controls in Adobe Acrobat Pro (although this webinar only covers the design considerations for the form template).
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Microsoft Accessibility Checkers

This webinar takes a look at the Accessibility Checkers in Microsoft Office, what they check for and what they don’t check for, what you as a document author can do to optimize Word and PowerPoint content for accessibility and how to incorporate results from the Accessibility Checkers.
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Accessible InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the leading graphic design software to create all types of print and digital products: magazines, advertising materials, books, brochures, training manuals, textbooks, reports … the list is endless. This webinar gives an overview of the critical requirements that must be built into InDesign layouts that export to accessible PDF/UA-compliant PDFs for digital publishing.
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Easy Guide: Writing Alt Text

Accessibility standards only require that graphics have Alt-text, but they don’t provide any guidance on what to write, how long it should be, or how much detail to provide. This webinar provides that guidance about writing Alt-text.
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Web Accessibility & Compliance for your Documents

This webinar identifies the current standards and legislation regarding the accessibility of web sites with a focus on documents that are on websites. The webinar explores vulnerability, legal responsibility and opportunities to include people with disabilities (and their family members) in accessing commercial and academic web content. A high level overview of WCAG 2.2, the ADA and Section 508 provide the framework for enhancing a return on investment when all of your web content is accessible. For example, potential employees with disabilities have to be able to fill in applications, consumers with disabilities have to be able to access bills, tickets, brochures, newsletters, make retail purchases and read user manuals for household appliances. How does your website measure up to consumer expectations?
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DocMD LogoIntroduction to DocMD

Using efficient, cost-effective web-crawling technology, DocMD will examine your website to identify the number of stored PDF documents, and then perform an accessibility assessment of each one. You’ll receive an exhaustive audit of the current health of your document accessibility compliance.
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COVID-19 and Access to Information

This webinar in a series uses inaccessible PDF documents about COVID-19 to identify barriers to information from citizen governments about health care, emergency plans and policies and other information important to people with disabilities, this webinar will guide you through some of the elements of tagged PDF and PDF forms that make it accessible/easier to read for people with disabilities.
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Basics of Tagged PDFs

This webinar starts at the very basics of making a PDF document accessible. While we won’t start from a native application or source document, we’ll go through the various tags, why thery are there, what the Tags Tree is for, what the Oder Panel is for, what the Content Panel is for, how to add document properties and a lanaguage for a document and a segment of a document and how to determine the logical reading order of a PDF document.
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Basics of Tagged PDF Part 2: Content and Order Panels

In September 2020, we did a webinar that introduced you to the types of Tags in PDF documents and what they are used for. We didn’t have time to cover the Order or Content Panels and when to use them and equally mportant, what to use them for.

This webinar builds on the content of that webinar and guides you through some basic remediation techniques. This is still considered an introduction to tagged PDF.
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Best Practices in Accommodations Presented by Jason Khurdan, Rutgers University

You have documents that are already created, that need to be made accessible. They come in many formats, with varying degrees of complexity. This webinar will provide best practices on:

  • Evaluating student needs and creating a plan for document accessibility
  • Knowing when to outsource documents, and what is the right mix of items to do in house
  • Evaluating various file formats and determining the most usable solution for your audience
  • How to manage complex items including:
    • Textbooks or Manuals
    • Non standard Graphs and Charts
    • Heavy math content
    • Complex (ie Electrical or Chemical) Diagrams
    • Non standard items like music
  • Is it time to learn ePUB?

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Accessible Document Design

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at specific tools in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint that will help you optimize your digital content for accessibility and how Open Access Technologies can help your organization and staff with training and remediation needs.
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Accessible PowerPoint

This webinar guides you through using the default accessible slide placeholders, creating unique slide titles, modifying an existing slide layout to meet your needs, using section headers to break up topics, colour contrast and how to check the logical reading order on slides. Of course, we’ll talk about alt text on images and tables on slides!
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How OCR Plays a Part in Accessibility

OCR is used to convert the printed word into speech. We also know that OCR can convert the text on a PDF (as well as Microsoft Office Products) or written document, but it is making a big difference to visually impaired readers. Widely used as a form of data entry from printed paper data records – whether invoices, bank statements, passport documents, receipts, business cards, mail, printouts of static-data, or any suitable documentation – it is a common method of digitizing printed texts. The conversion of printed books and other paper documents and utilizing OCR, the visually impaired now have electronic access to information once thought to be unattainable.
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​Website Accessibility Compliance – Myths and Solutions

There are two myths that may be negatively affecting traffic to hour website and keeping you from achieving accessibility compliance. This webinar brings together the Carroll Center and Open Access Technologies to give you tools, services and solutions to find out what is and what isn’t accessible on your website.

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Part 1How International Legislation Affects US Companies: Parts 1 and 2

There are two significant pieces of legislation that may affect US companies doing business in the UK and EU and fall under the ADA. Starting in 2010, lawsuits have been filed internationally stating that US companies that fall under the ADA must adhere to levels of digital accessibility if they operate in other countries. This makes upcoming legislation from the UK and EU important for US companies to understand. This webinar provides an overview of both pieces of legislation and their compliance criteria as related to digital content.

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