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Open Access Technologies understands the elements required to make PDFs or other documents accessible and usable by people with visual or cognitive impairments. We also know that traditional remediation techniques are not just time-consuming, they are also cost-prohibitive. The answer is automation.

That’s why we partnered with the leader in automated electronic content publishing solutions to create a suite of accessibility publishing tools that utilize Accessible Robotic Process Automation (ARPA). Our document transformation, collaboration and validation tools use ARPA to examine, remediate and test your PDFs and other documents. But that’s not all. ARPA also learns your organization’s typical accessibility issues to develop faster, more cost-effective remediation processes to ensure all your PDFs, ePub, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and other files fully comply with accessibility standards and are usable by people using assistive devices. 

EnableXpress™ – Fast, Easy, Affordable Document Remediation

Creating accessible documents has never been easier. With EnableXpress, you simply upload your documents to our secure portal to begin the remediation process.

Start by logging-in to your account and upload your file or files. You’ll receive confirmation that your documents have been received, along with a quote for remediation, including creation of alternate text descriptions for graphics, tables, charts and images.

Just click or press Spacebar/Enter on “place this order”… to begin the remediation process. Your document will run through our automated accessibility assessment and remediation tool, and our team of highly qualified content experts will insert alt text descriptions where needed. When complete, a fully accessible document with an accessibility validation report is returned to you. It’s as simple as that!

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EnableAccess™ – Your Document Remediation Partner

EnableAccess gives you greater control when you have a high volume of current and legacy document libraries that require accessibility compliance remediation. An intelligent and accessible cloud-based solution, EnableAccess streamlines the remediation process, manages workflow and provides a robust dashboard to track and report the status of your document remediation efforts.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, EnableAccess scans the documents, identifies missing tags, alt text and any other issues, learns each organization’s typical accessibility shortcomings, and automatically incorporates necessary accessibility elements into every document. With each document processed, EnableAccess becomes faster, more accurate and more cost-effective.

EnableAccess gives you the power to:

  • Gain Control – Upload your documents into your own, secure management portal; organize projects and workflows, auto assign tasks, monitor deadlines and escalate issues. Collaborate with our team of subject-matter-experts to create rich alternate text descriptions for graphics, tables, charts and images that are customized to fit your audience.
  • Get Visibility – Create a customized dashboard to view a concise summary of key data important to your organization. Know where each document is in each step of the remediation process. View online validation reports for each completed document to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Work Smarter – Automate processes for document accessibility audits, remediation, and compliance reporting. Show the progress of your document accessibility program and verify your compliance efforts.

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DocMD™ – Get a Document Accessibility Check-up

Perhaps you realize your organization has a problem related to PDF accessibility, but you don’t know where to start to gauge the size of the problem or prioritize your remediation efforts. You can’t afford to ignore the problem; all it takes is one download of a non-accessible document by the right person to open the door to compliance litigation. DocMD can help put you on the right path toward full document accessibility compliance.

Using efficient, cost-effective web-crawling technology, DocMD will examine your website to identify the number of stored PDF documents, and then perform an accessibility assessment of each one. You’ll receive an exhaustive audit of the current health of your document accessibility compliance. From there, you’ll be able to determine which documents to keep on your site, and prioritize your remediation efforts for the remaining documents to better serve your customers and minimize your risk.

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Open Access Technologies Assurance Policy
We make your digital documents comply with Section 508 and ADA regulations. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will assess your documents and prepare a proposal with easy to understand pricing and estimated delivery date. We will not start any work until we receive your full approval. Once work has been approved and completed, we will return your fully-compliant documents along with an Accessibility Validation Report. All work is guaranteed and our goal is to always make sure you are completely satisfied. 

We also license our Enable Access platform for customers with larger volumes and staff that wants oversight to their projects. Complete our form if you would like to learn more.

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