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Document accessibility can be complicated. Making sure an accessible document is actually usable by those with vision or cognitive disabilities can be even more complex. You need a trusted partner to help you navigate the sea of document accessibility requirements and regulations.

Open Access Technologies (OAT) understands there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to making a digital document accessible and usable for everyone. You can trust the OAT team to ensure your entire document library serves the needs of your customers while ensuring compliance with WCAG 2.1, PDF/UA, Section 508 and other state and federal standards.


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Assessment of compliance vulnerability

How many PDFs are available to customers to download from your website today? More to the point, how many of them comply with the applicable accessibility guidelines including WCAG 2.1, PDF/UA and Section 508? You can’t afford to ignore these legacy PDFs. Just one complaint about a non-compliant document could lead to a lawsuit, fines and more.

Let’s work together to inventory your entire PDF document library. Our software will locate and examine your online documents to check for compliance vulnerabilities. You’ll get a detailed assessment of the accessibility compliance status of each digital document available to your customers. Knowing where you stand today will allow you to prioritize your remediation efforts and minimize your risk. 

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Accessibility Validation Services

If you are using in-house, or other resources, to make your PDFs or other documents accessible, you could be missing some important elements necessary to comply with all the relevant requirements. OAT can help.

OAT’s proprietary intelligent software will quickly scan your documents to verify and validate that your document accessibility efforts meet the compliance standards for your industry. We will also provide you with a validation report for each document. If accessibility compliance issues are uncovered, we will work with you to provide the remediation services you need.


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Document Remediation

OAT’s intelligent software solution is uniquely designed to add essential accessibility features to all kinds of documents, from PDF, to ePub, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Using machine learning with proprietary accessibility detection algorithms, our software quickly and accurately scans each document to find, repair and embed missing accessibility features.

Our remediation services include:

  • Verification that all document metadata is included and correctly formatted
  • Proper tagging for accurate navigation by adaptive devices
  • Creation of clear, descriptive alt text for graphics, tables, charts, and images written by highly skilled subject-matter-experts
  • Repair of broken, missing or inappropriately formatted links
  • Correct accessible formatting of tables, charts and forms
  • Easy-to-understand accessibility validation report for every document
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Tracking and Reporting

Large-volume document accessibility remediation is our specialty. That’s why our platform includes tools to help you manage your documents throughout the remediation process.

Our intuitive dashboard can be customized to provide the information you need to track the status of each individual document or all your document remediation projects. Accessibility validation reports are also stored in the platform for easy access to verify compliance to the applicable standards.


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Styles in Word: A Primer for Accessible Document Design

This is a self-paced online workshop on how to create more accessible documents using Microsoft Word. Participants have access to the workshop material in the online course for several years. Content is updated as tools and features change and new techniques are available. This is the perfect workshop for those who are new to accessible document design and for those who want a resource to come back to when needed. Participants get a copy of the book by the same name which compliments the content of the workshop and have access to over 65 captioned videos demonstrating techniques and tools. The workshop material was developed and created by Karen McCall, M.Ed.

Contact our Sales Team for more information and pricing.

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Document Auditing Service

Karen McCall, M.Ed., Senior Advisor, Accessible Document Design for Open Access Technologies Inc. provides detailed audits of Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Her review and audit reports  are based on over 19 years of experience in accessible document design, remediation  and audit reporting. Karen is a former Canadian delegate to the ISO 32000 (PDF) and ISO 14289 (PDF/UA) committees.

Contact our Sales Team for more information and pricing.

Open Access Technologies Assurance Policy
We make your digital documents comply with Section 508 and ADA regulations. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will assess your documents and prepare a proposal with easy to understand pricing and estimated delivery date. We will not start any work until we receive your full approval. Once work has been approved and completed, we will return your fully-compliant documents along with an Accessibility Validation Report. All work is guaranteed and our goal is to always make sure you are completely satisfied. 

We also license our Enable Access platform for customers with larger volumes and staff that wants oversight to their projects. Complete our form if you would like to learn more.

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